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29Dec, 08

An agreement between an employer and his employee which restricts the employee from competing with the employer after he quits or is fired can be enforceable and can restrict and limit the employee’s options for work after he leaves the employer. Basically, under New Hampshire law, employment restrictive covenants on competition are narrowly construed to ... more

18Dec, 08

The New Hampshire Supreme Court, in a relatively short opinion, held that an obligor’s attempted suicide does not necessarily disqualify his request for modification of child support. In the matter of Fontaine and Dunn, Mr. Dunn and Ms. Fontaine had twin daughters. The couple was never married. In 2001, Mr. Dunn sustained a self inflicted ... more

18Dec, 08

In this very difficult economy, many homeowners have found themselves unable to meet their monthly financial obligations, including their mortgage payment which often tends to be one of the larger items on the list. Here are some of the questions we’ve been hearing: 1. Who exactly does own my mortgage? After I signed the papers ... more

11Dec, 08

An insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and the insured. Under this contract, an insurance carrier will agree to pay money to the insured in the event of a covered loss. A covered loss is a loss that the insurance carrier has agreed to protect the insured against in the event of ... more