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29Jan, 09

Many lakefront cottages in New Hampshire have been built on or near private roadways located off public roads. Questions often arise about the rights and obligations associated with private roads, especially when a private roadway is located on a portion of someone’s cottage lot (and not simply alongside of and outside of the bounds of ... more

22Jan, 09

The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled a divorce court does not have the powers of a bankruptcy court in the case of Katherine F. Beal and R. Keith Beal on April 11, 2006. In the Beal case, the divorce court was asked, as is frequently done, to divide up the parties’ assets and debts. The ... more

15Jan, 09

If you are borrowing money from a friend or business associate, it is wise to have a written Promissory Note (hereinafter “Note”) defining the extent of your obligations. Likewise, if you are loaning money to a friend, you should have a Note. The Note should state how much money was borrowed, how much interest is ... more

15Jan, 09

A medical malpractice case, while fundamentally easy to understand, can be one of the most difficult cases to try in a New Hampshire courtroom. In a medical negligence action, the plaintiff must prove a claim that is very similar to an ordinary negligence case, such as a slip and fall or automobile accident. Specifically, the ... more