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8Apr, 10

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) adopted in January, 2007, after a twelve-year regulatory review, a final amended Franchise Rule, with a Statement of Basis and Purpose and Regulatory Analysis. The 2007 Franchise Rule represents the first time the FTC has amended its Franchise Rule (the “Original Franchise Rule”) since 1978. Under this Franchise Rule all ... more

1Apr, 10

When purchasing foreclosed properties at foreclosure auctions or later purchasing foreclosed properties from the bank which bought the property back at its own foreclosure sale, the old chestnut caveat emptor (or buyer beware) has taken on new meaning in light of several recent Massachusetts cases challenging the validity of certain foreclosure sales. The issue raised ... more

1Apr, 10

If you are in business or just starting a new business, at some time your company will either be asked to execute a Non Disclosure Agreement or your company will want another party to execute an agreement that requires the receiving person or entity to protect your company’s confidential information. These Agreements are sometimes called ... more