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27Sep, 11

Both Houses of the Massachusetts Legislature recently passed new legislation which would significantly overhaul alimony issued by Massachusetts courts. The bill now awaits the signature of Governor Duval Patrick. Under the legislation, the courts would be limited in issuing alimony orders depending on the length of the marriage. By way of example, if a marriage ... more

9Sep, 11

As a general law practice, we assist individuals and businesses every day. Our lawyers specialize in many areas of law, and are here to provide you services and advice. Our legal expertise and professional judgment will assist you when making important decisions throughout the legal process. Oftentimes, legal advice is best sought as a preventive ... more

9Sep, 11

In order to protect an employer’s confidential information and good will, it may have certain employees sign a non-competition and non-solicitation agreement. These agreements in addition to prohibiting former employees from using confidential information will, for a time period usually ranging between six months to two years after the employment ceases, prohibit the former employee ... more