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14Jun, 13

Employment discrimination laws prohibiting retaliation are not meant to give employees the right to sue their employer over petty slights or minor annoyances that often take place at work and that all employees experience, but rather are to address employer actions that could well dissuade a reasonable employee from making or supporting a charge of ... more

13Jun, 13

You may be reading this because you are experiencing the break-up of your business, or perhaps it is about to happen. A business break-up or divorce can be as painful and expensive as a personal divorce if at the time of formation and during the operation of the company, such an event is not anticipated ... more

12Jun, 13

The advent of modern technology has made it possible for people to intercept telephonic and electronic communications. While often used by police in preparing a criminal case, lay persons have attempted to use intercepted communications to support their claim in many civil cases. For example, one parent may attempt to record a telephone conversation between ... more

10Jun, 13

It has become increasingly frequent to see the biological parents of a minor child to grant guardianship rights over their child to a third party. Often times this occurs because the biological parents are unable to care for the child due to pending homelessness, drug problems, or criminal actions. In some cases, the guardianship is ... more