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28Oct, 13

Hamblett and Kerrigan is pleased and honored to announce that it has been selected by the readers of The Telegraph as the Best of Greater Nashua 2013 in the Attorney category. This honor demonstrates our highly experienced team of legal professionals’ commitment to providing legal services in a manner which has earned us a high ... more

25Oct, 13

One of the most difficult actions a court can undertake is the termination of a parent’s parental rights over their child. Termination of parental rights entirely severs the bond between parent and child, and is usually reserved for only the most extraordinary of cases. Two recent New Hampshire Supreme Court opinions, In re: Sophia Marie ... more

24Oct, 13

When an employee is told she is going to lose her job and given an option of a severance agreement, while she may feel pressured to take this severance deal, she should understand that it is likely that she would not only receive the benefits, but the obligations of that deal. Such was the situation ... more

23Oct, 13

If an employer uses criminal background checks in determining if it is going to hire or retain an employee, the employer should look at the full circumstances or risk a successful employment discrimination claim based upon a claim of disparate impact on minorities. Recently in complaints filed in the Federal Courts in Illinois and South ... more

22Oct, 13

A business arrangement that you perceive as a win / win between you and someone providing services for you may result in an unintended employer / employee relationship. Such were the facts of the case decided by the New Hampshire Supreme Court on August 21, 2013, being the Appeal of Thomas Phillips. In that case, Thomas ... more