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11Dec, 13

With the end of the year approaching, employees may find themselves socializing with co-workers at holiday gatherings, receiving year-end bonuses, and perhaps looking for a job change. Below are some considerations for each of the above. New Hampshire is an employment-at-will state which means that employers may fire an employee with or without cause and ... more

10Dec, 13

The majority of employees in the State of New Hampshire can be classified as being at-will employees. An at-will employee is an employee who does not have an employment contract with the employer. As such, their employment status is precarious in that an employer can terminate an at-will employee at any time for almost any reason. ... more

4Dec, 13

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but not to be opinionated, boorish, drunk, or unprofessional. Companies may have holiday gatherings arranging from a cookie swap, luncheon, or even a formal dinner and dance. During this time of the year some workers may believe it appropriate to express why their religion is better than another worker’s ... more

4Dec, 13

On January 1, 2010, New Hampshire became one of the handful of states that recognize same sex marriages. Prior to January 2010, New Hampshire allowed same sex civil unions. Whether the same sex parties have a civil union or marriage, New Hampshire law allows them to proceed in a divorce in the same manner as a ... more