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29Aug, 14

As mentioned in the beginning of Part I of this series, business owner disputes can have the same animosity or more than in a marital divorce. In some circumstances, divorcing spouses, notwithstanding their feelings of betrayal or their perception that their spouse is being greedy, may rise above their emotion if minor children are involved ... more

28Aug, 14

In Massachusetts and New Hampshire if a minority owner of a business is forced out of a closely-held company, the rights and obligations of the parties in how and where to resolve the dispute is first determined by any agreement between them; whether it be a Shareholder Agreement, LLC Membership Agreement / Operating Agreement, or ... more

27Aug, 14

This is the first of a three part series on disputes between business owners in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Co-Owners of a business; whether it be a corporation, limited liability company or otherwise, in New Hampshire and Massachusetts have fiduciary obligations to each other as well as to the company. When one or more of ... more

13Aug, 14

Employment discrimination laws do not protect an employee who is part of a racial minority from adverse employment action. The law protects her from having an adverse employment action against her because of a racial animus or an adverse employment decision being made that, while not based upon racial animus, still has a disparate impact ... more