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29Sep, 14

The issue that predominantly impacts cases involving the calculation of child support with pass-through entities is the amount of income to be used for child support purposes. Businesses with pass-through income are entities which are not taxed itself. Instead, the entity’s income is “passed-through” to the shareholders or members of the entity. Subchapter S-Corporations, limited ... more

25Sep, 14

Most businesses have been in the situation where a customer has been extended credit beyond its means to timely pay and owes several thousand dollars. Below is a fairly common scenario. Your company is owed $200,000 from a company that is not doing well. The owner explains the financial dire straits of the company to ... more

23Sep, 14

Experience and contacts in an industry often makes job candidate more value. Since a job candidate usually get her experience and contacts working for competitors, the company considering hiring said candidate needs to consider restrictions on that candidate’s ability to do the job because of her obligations to her prior employer. First, the company should ... more