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29Oct, 14

Hamblett & Kerrigan is pleased to announce that it has expanded its presence in the Seacoast area as it now offers appointments at two locations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In an effort to better serve our Seacoast clientele, Hamblett & Kerrigan has the convenience of meeting with our clients at the following locations: 155 Fleet ... more

28Oct, 14

Understanding Child Support Child support is money paid for the support, maintenance and education of a child or children. It is paid on a regular basis, usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, by one parent to the other. Gifts, purchases of clothes, transportation, vacation expenses and payment of rent may not considered support, even though they ... more

27Oct, 14

Being injured in an automobile accident is a traumatic and often life-changing event. While it is understandable that an injury victim should first be concerned about her health, addressing the legal issues involved in an automobile accident are important, especially in situations where the issue of speed is question. Speed is often a crucial factor ... more

24Oct, 14

In an adverse possession case, the party seeking to claim the disputed property must demonstrate 20 years of continued, uninterrupted use of the land. One defense to this claim is to show the adverse possessor’s use was interrupted at some point in that 20-year period. This is known as “ouster.” What constitutes ouster that is ... more