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26Feb, 15

A vendor may outsource the service it provides your employer. If you are negotiating vendor service agreements for your employer you should clarify in the agreement what portion of services, if any, the vendor can outsource to contractors and whether the vendor is still ultimately responsible for all services provided. This is important since under ... more

25Feb, 15

If a former employee and employer have a dispute that has or will likely lead to litigation, they have a duty to preserve relevant evidence. If either of them deletes relevant e-mails from their respective computers, they may find the sanction by the Court to be substantial. Such a sanction was ordered in the decision ... more

23Feb, 15

Stock options can be a good way to provide the opportunity to an employee to share in the potential success of the company thereby providing the employee additional incentive to build the company’s value. If an employee is offered stock options in a publicly-held company, generally those options will be provided at a certain price ... more