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20Feb, 15

Embezzlement of company funds by employees is more common than reported in the media. Often employers will work out private restitution agreements in order to keep the matter confidential and therefore out of the media and the courts. A system of checks and balances can diminish the likelihood that an employee will embezzle as well ... more

19Feb, 15

Officers can be personally liable for wrongful acts they take to benefit their company, even when those acts have been ordered by their superiors. For example, you, as the president of a corporation, are told by the CEO that the company cannot afford to pay its employees at this juncture and are asked to request ... more

18Feb, 15

If you are borrowing money from a friend or business associate, it is wise to have a written Promissory Note defining the extent of your obligations; likewise if you are loaning money to a friend, you should have a Note. The Note should state how much money was borrowed, how much interest is being charged ... more