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27Jan, 16

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, commonly referred to UIFSA, is a uniform statute enacted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in order to provide consistency and certainty when more than one state is involved in child support proceedings. At the instructions from Congress, the Act was created in order to avoid ... more

14Jan, 16

Litigation is a highway with many exits. This is a principle that every car accident victim should know. Insurance companies are often unwilling to settle at a fair value of a claim prior to the filing of a lawsuit. A recent case best illustrates this scenario. An injury victim sustained serious personal injuries as a ... more

13Jan, 16

At the beginning of a new year, decisions are made to end relationships that are not working; whether it is in one’s personal or business life. For employers January is often one time during the year to terminate employment of underperforming employees. Sometimes the worst underperforming employee also complains to others about how unfair he ... more