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29Feb, 16

All of the personal property and real property owned by either spouse becomes part of the marital estate, regardless of whether the property is held in the name of both spouses jointly or one spouse individually. The marital estate also includes intangible property such as bank accounts, employment benefits, stock options and pension plans. The ... more

26Feb, 16

The Court determines parental rights and responsibilities based on what it believes to be the “best interests of the children.” There is no presumption that one spouse would be a better parent than the other simply because of gender or financial situation. The Court considers all relevant factors including the wishes of the parents, the ... more

25Feb, 16

You and your spouse may be jointly liable on joint debts, even after the divorce. The court cannot change an agreement with a creditor. Therefore, if you have a joint credit card with your spouse, the credit card company is free to pursue either you or your spouse for the balance due, even after your ... more