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4Mar, 16

You and your neighbor have lived with an understanding of the boundary line between your two properties for over 20 years. Your neighbor sells the property; the new owner has the property surveyed and finds out that the record title boundary line is further into your property that you thought. He therefore promptly takes that ... more

3Mar, 16

If a business offers a fired or laid off employee more than two-weeks’ pay in severance benefits, it is generally prudent to require the employee to sign an employment separation agreement in exchange for the pay. Such an employment separation agreement should contain a release wherein the employee by accepting the severance payments waives the ... more

2Mar, 16

Attorneys J. Daniel Marr and Kevin P. Rauseo discuss “Work and Pay”.   Tune in to WFEA 1370 AM / 99.9 FM (Manchester, NH) every Tuesday at 9:05 a.m. for “Law Matters with Hamblett & Kerrigan”.  Each Tuesday the attorneys of Hamblett & Kerrigan will host a radio program dedicated to discussing law matters that ... more

1Mar, 16

After a divorce is final, it is likely you will no longer be covered by your spouse’s medical insurance policy. Therefore, prior to the divorce becoming final you should examine the medical policy for conversion privileges or inquire into obtaining new medical insurance coverage. As part of the parents’ support obligation, the court may require ... more