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14Apr, 16

With states forced to slash budgets, including court budgets, the delays in the judiciary system are getting increasingly worse. Delays are causing havoc to families who are often left without solutions to their real problems, creating further conflict and strife to an already emotional situation. In New Hampshire, it can takes courts several months before ... more

13Apr, 16

For fellow Star Wars followers, yes the title of this article is a play on words to lighten an otherwise serious topic. Many business owners have come across a situation where they have an employee who has either acted badly in the work place or is a poor job performer, yet, when that person is ... more

12Apr, 16

Attorney Kevin P. Rauseo and his special guest, Dr. Benjamin Garber, discuss “Divorce Through The Eyes Of A Child (Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle)”.   Tune in to WFEA 1370 AM / 99.9 FM (Manchester, NH) every Tuesday at 9:05 a.m. for “Law Matters with Hamblett & Kerrigan”.  Each Tuesday the attorneys of Hamblett ... more