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23May, 19

On August 1, 2017, the Supreme Court answered a unique question concerning the effect of an appeal on property divisions.  In the case of Breagy and Breagy, the trial court issued a Final Decree of Divorce in August 2014.  The wife appealed the Decree of Divorce to the New Hampshire Supreme Court who, in July ... more

21May, 19

Attorney J. Daniel Marr and Heather Bishop discuss “Changing Jobs”.   Tune in to WFEA 1370 AM / 99.9 FM (Manchester, NH) every Tuesday at 9:05 a.m. for “Law Matters with Hamblett & Kerrigan”. Each Tuesday the attorneys of Hamblett & Kerrigan will host a radio program dedicated to discussing law matters that matter to ... more

8May, 19

New Hampshire employees have a duty of loyalty while they are employed by the company which generally, even absent an agreement, prevents an employee from working for a competitor or funneling potential company business to the employee’s own side business.   New Hampshire also has a statute addressing trade secrets that prevents employees from misappropriating confidential ... more