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When Do I Need A Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2011 | Firm News

As a general law practice, we assist individuals and businesses every day. Our lawyers specialize in many areas of law, and are here to provide you services and advice. Our legal expertise and professional judgment will assist you when making important decisions throughout the legal process.

Oftentimes, legal advice is best sought as a preventive measure. Whether you are coordinating personal affairs or business matters, Hamblett and Kerrigan will help you navigate the legal challenges and confusions with confidence and comfort.

Families and individuals commonly consult attorneys regarding will, estate matters, retirement planning, or even advice on a closely help corporation and generational transfers. Speaking with an attorney about your personal situation will safeguard against potential losses that could be avoided with better planning. Business should be aware of the many areas of law possibly affecting their future. Hamblett and Kerrigan assist businesses at every stage of development, from initial startup and managing growth concerns, to issues relating to the sale, merger, or dissolution of the business. We also offer counseling and negotiation services to assist with business dispute resolution.

Individuals also consult with attorneys during the most traumatic events in their life, whether it be the breakup of a family unit or whether you or a loved one sustain serious personal injury. Hamblett and Kerrigan have the resources and experience to provide you with high-quality legal representation in even the most difficult and complex legal matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving these matters, whether it be through settlement or trial.
Legal planning is a great way to avoid negative situations and avoid potential financial loss in the future, unfortunately, you may still face situations which you are unfamiliar with your rights. In this instance consulting a lawyer is a great first step. Whether you have been in an accident or involved in a contractual or employment dispute or face a divorce or custody challenge, we will understand the problems and work to reach an equitable and quick resolution.
Allow Hamblett & Kerrigan to be there, by your side, to give you a legal advantage.