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Workers’ Compensation

Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A. in Nashua offers its clients experienced representation in Workers’ Compensation Law.  Workers who are injured in the course of work are entitled to benefits under the laws of our State.  Workers’ Compensation attorney Brenner Webb has extensive experience representing injured workers and opposing Workers’ Compensation insurance companies.

Individuals who suffer work injuries are entitled to four basic benefits; weekly disability benefits, payment of related medical bills, an award for the permanent loss of function of certain parts of the body, and assistance in getting back to work.  It is all too common that the available benefits are not provided voluntarily or completely by Workers’ Compensation insurance companies.  Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A. will protect your right to Workers’ Compensation benefits using its knowledge of the law and familiarity with the process.

The benefit of having an attorney on your side early on in the case can often ensure that the injured worker receives all of the benefits to which they are entitled.  Clients are only required to pay our lawyers in the event that they are successful. The Nashua law firm of Hamblett & Kerrigan advocates on behalf of their clients who are injured at work at the New Hampshire Department of Labor, the Compensation Appeals Board, and if necessary, the New Hampshire Supreme Court.  Please contact us if we can assist you with your Workers’ Compensation claim.