14Dec, 17

Throughout the year, and particularly during the holiday season, coworkers may be interacting socially off the clock.  While employers do not have an obligation to monitor a worker's off-the-clock activities, what happens between coworkers after hours can affect their employment.  If coworkers get together during the holidays, whether at: a company-sponsored holiday party; ... more

26Oct, 17

The amount of income used in the child support calculation is the issue that predominantly impacts cases when or both parents have income from pass-through entities. Businesses with pass-through income are entities which are not taxed itself. Instead, the entity's income is "passed-through" to the shareholders or members of the entity. Subchapter S-Corporations, limited liability ... more

24Oct, 17

Attorney J. Daniel Marr and Heather Bishop discuss “Protecting Your Job". [audio mp3=""][/audio]   Tune in to WFEA 1370 AM / 99.9 FM (Manchester, NH) every Tuesday at 9:05 a.m. for “Law Matters with Hamblett & Kerrigan”.  Each Tuesday the attorneys of Hamblett ... more