24May, 18

If your spouse has passed away, you can still receive retirement benefits based upon your spouse’s earnings record as long as they would have been eligible to receive benefits themselves. If you are at least 60-years-old and unmarried, you can receive widow or widower’s benefits that amount to the full benefit your spouse would have received upon reaching their own retirement ... more

9May, 18

While on occasion we hear in New Hampshire and Massachusetts news of a bookkeeper who has embezzled money from a company, many such embezzlements are resolved by private restitution agreements and therefore do you get to the public eye.  Theft by employees does occur in the workplace and employers should take steps to curtail the opportunity for employees to steal.  For a ... more

11Apr, 18

Under state and federal discrimination laws, employees cannot have adverse employment actions taken against them or be harassed due to certain protected classes such as race, disability, and age.  However, merely because you fall within one of those protected classes it does not give you the ability to act unprofessionally and insubordinate.  That reality was discussed in ... more

14Mar, 18

When considering a new hire from a competitor, the company should learn what, if any, restrictions that potential new hire may have on employment.  Those restrictions could be in the form of an agreement that contains provisions related to: confidentiality; non-solicitation of customers and employees; and a non-compete in the industry for a period of time in a geographical ... more