8Feb, 17

The Constitutional right of freedom of speech keeps the government from prohibiting certain speech.  For example, you have the right in a public place to espouse your political views.  People have the right to peacefully protest or show support to the government in public. However there is no obligation on a private employer to allow political speech in the workplace.  Employers ... more

26Jan, 17

Check out Hamblett & Kerrigan’s most recent radio spot here: [audio m4a=""][/audio]   Tune in to WFEA 1370 AM / 99.9 FM (Manchester, NH) every Tuesday at 9:05 a.m. for "Law Matters with Hamblett & Kerrigan".  Each Tuesday the attorneys of Hamblett & Kerrigan ... more

11Jan, 17

New Hampshire courts narrowly construe employment non-competes to only protect the legitimate business interest of the employer.  For example a non-compete agreement that limits an accounts payable employee of a software company from working for a competitive software company may not be enforceable.  However, if that employee had used or threatened to use confidential financial ... more

19Dec, 16

No, this article is not providing suggested ways to alleviate your morning headache from last night’s overdrinking. This article is about how to avoid the financial hangover you can have from misbehaving at a holiday gathering.  The end of the year can be a time for workers to take pride over what they accomplished over the last year and enjoy relaxing with co-workers at ... more

15Dec, 16

For the 28th consecutive year, H&K elves have been hard at work shopping and wrapping for two young children. We want them to have the best Christmas ever! Every year the firm “adopts” children through the Front Door Agency. Employees of the firm donate generously so everything on the children’s wish lists can be purchased. The team effort culminates with a fun ... more