14Mar, 18

When considering a new hire from a competitor, the company should learn what, if any, restrictions that potential new hire may have on employment.  Those restrictions could be in the form of an agreement that contains provisions related to: confidentiality; non-solicitation of customers and employees; and a non-compete in the industry for a period of time in a geographical ... more

12Mar, 18

Parties in New Hampshire are free to negotiate the terms of their divorce, including how they wish to divide martial property.  However, that agreement, standing alone, is unenforceable unless approved by the court.  In the case of Estate of Mortner v. Thompson, the New Hampshire Supreme Court was presented with a situation where the husband and wife had negotiated ... more

26Feb, 18

With our expert and convenient modes of transportation, people can travel all across the globe. Although traveling should be fun, there are still bad things that can happen during your adventures. You can have peace of mind that all your financial responsibilities will be met while you travel though, through the use of a Durable Power of Attorney. For my discussion of a Limited ... more

23Feb, 18

There are many situations where a person needs to sell a piece of real estate in a state they are not currently in. Having to travel back and forth to sign closing documents during a real estate closing can be arduous and an inconvenience. There are many people who need to sell their house because they are being relocated through employment, sometimes to the other side of ... more