14Nov, 18

Employment sexual harassment is illegal under New Hampshire and federal law.  All employee claims of sexual harassment need to be taken seriously and employers would be making a huge mistake to make a broad application of principles related to sexual harassment.  For example, employment sexual harassment can occur when the accused and the accuser are of the same sex or the ... more

10Oct, 18

Recently in the news there has been coverage whether certain Bedford School Guidance Counsellors should keep their job after he wrote letters of support for a former Exeter High School Guidance Counsellor, Kristie Torbick.  Ms. Torbick pled guilty to sexually assaulting a 14-year old student in Exeter, although she previously worked in Bedford.  Bedford, in noting its decision ... more

24Sep, 18

The amount of income used in the child support calculation is the issue that predominantly impacts cases when or both parents have income from pass-through entities. Businesses with pass-through income are entities which are not taxed itself. Instead, the entity's income is "passed-through" to the shareholders or members of the entity. Subchapter S-Corporations, limited liability ... more