13Jul, 22

In my experience in representing employers for several decades, these are some insights as to how to avoid being fired. First try to avoid sharing your personal feelings to co-workers.  While all of us at times may be going through difficulties, whether it being a loss of a family member, divorce, physical injury, or other stressors, if you are consistently thought of as ... more

16Mar, 22

On January 31, 2022, the New Hampshire Federal Court in the case of Leah Wallace v. NH Ball Bearings, Inc. granted summary judgment to the employer New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. against the against the employee Leah Wallace so that she was unable to go to trial on her claims under the American With Disabilities Act (“ADA”), the New Hampshire law against discrimination, ... more

18Feb, 22

Often, when a person dies and owned real estate, that real estate needs to be sold; sometimes it is sold to pay debts of the estate but most often it is sold because the heirs do not want to deal with the real estate and prefer money instead. If you are going to be responsible for dealing with the real estate, first you want to make sure the insurance stays covering the property ... more