14Apr, 17

The law provides outside creditors the right under certain circumstances to get paid before insider creditors.  New Hampshire has adopted the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, RSA 545-A.  In general, that Act allows creditors to obtain a recovery against recipients of transfers made, or obligations incurred, by the debtor when they are insolvent.  For example, if Sam owes ... more

13Apr, 17

State and federal employment discrimination laws require employers to reasonably accommodate employees with disabilities in order to enable them to do their job; however, employee misconduct does not usually afford any reasonable accommodation.  By way of example, if an employee threatens violence against a coworker, employers may generally fire that employee.  The employee ... more

12Apr, 17

Generally under New Hampshire law contracting parties are precluded from pursuing tort recovery for pure economic or commercial losses associated with a contractual relationship.  Therefore an independent contractor that has a contract with a company to provide services, if unpaid has a breach of contract claim against the company that owes the money.  Employees on the other ... more

10Mar, 17

New Hampshire employers are permitted in an application for employment to ask a job candidate if he has been arrested or convicted of a crime that has not been annulled by a court.  An annulment of a criminal conviction is a procedure upon which the court makes a ruling that the criminal record of the person for that crime is now as if they had never been arrested, convicted, ... more

9Mar, 17

Hugging can be a social greeting exhibiting friendliness and a caring personality.  However, at least one court has found that pervasive, unwelcome, hugging could rise to the level to constitute sexual harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made a ruling on a California case of Victoria Zetwick v. County of Yolo and ... more