11Sep, 19

New Hampshire private employers are generally aware of a variety of federal and state laws as to what is an unlawful firing.   However, smaller employers may not be aware of less known statutory protections for employees that prevent them from being fired for certain reasons.  This article addresses some of those less known laws that provide employee job protection. Employees ... more

27Aug, 19

Employers obviously want, and also have a legal obligation, to take reasonable steps to keep their workplace safe.  As we have seen from recent news, we live in an uncertain world where events can happen that are beyond our control, however, employers can take steps to decrease the likelihood of workplace violence. While employers often have an obligation to reasonably ... more

10Jul, 19

In New Hampshire, most employees are at will, which means that they or their employer can end the employment relationship with and without notice and/or with and without cause.  There are exceptions based upon certain statutes that protect from firing due to class such as age, race, gender, disability, or actions, whistleblowing, or filing a legitimate worker's compensation ... more

12Jun, 19

A corporation's failure to pay employee's wages could result in the corporate officer or its representative that makes decision personally liable even if a corporation can show that it is suffering from serious cash flow problems. New Hampshire's Wage Statute makes a corporate officer or agent of the corporation that knowingly permits the corporation to fail to pay wages ... more