19Feb, 20

Employees may have a variety of reasons to change employers; whether to get into a new career, look for more financial security for family; and/or because the work environment is not optimal.   When seeking a new job, it is best to be employed so it is better not to quit and then look for a replacement job if you can tolerate the wait. Your employer may decide to walk you ... more

8Jan, 20

POTUS is an acronym for the President of the United States.  Many people have strong opinions, some negative and some positive, about the President.  However, for most employees it would be a mistake for them to think they have the right of freedom of speech to express their political opinions in the private work place.  Freedom of speech relates to restrictions on the government's ... more

11Dec, 19

As the calendar year comes to an end, there will be holiday parties and other social gatherings amongst co-workers.  Whether it is an employer-sponsored holiday party, a social gathering of co-workers at one of their homes, or merely going out to a local restaurant to catch up, it is important for workers to understand that what happens outside the office does not stay outside ... more