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Boundary Dispute Claims

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2011 | Real Estate Law

Boundary disputes can be difficult between residential neighbors or commercial property owners. Working with a surveyor, along with having a good grasp of the law of adverse possession and prescriptive easement can be of great benefit in resolving such matters amicably or if necessary through court intervention. I have represented individuals making claims as adverse possessors and in other matters as record owners. Some cases were resolved through settlement and others that I tried to conclusion with one having gone to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to be resolved in my client’s favor. The disputed properties have included residential, commercial, and lake front properties which while not large enough to put a house on but are sufficient to allow the owner to apply for a mooring or a seasonal dock on the lake.

I would invite inquiries to me related to adverse possession or prescriptive easement cases whether you are considering bringing such a claim, defending against a claim, or establishing your record ownership rights to property for which you believe the user of the property will ultimately claim adverse possession or prescriptive easement.

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