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Adultery Is Not The Basis For Divorce Unless The Other Spouse Is Free Of Guilt

On Behalf of | May 22, 2012 | Divorce & Family

New Hampshire law clearly outlines that a party is only entitled to a fault ground divorce if he or she is an “innocent” spouse. In order to be an innocent spouse, the husband or wife must be “free from guilt”. In other words, the party requesting a fault ground divorce must not also be guilty of an offense against the other spouse, which would be grounds for divorce.

By way of an example, if a husband discovers that his wife has committed adultery and proceeds with filing for divorce, the husband would not be entitled to a divorce based upon adultery if the wife could prove to the court that the husband himself was also guilty of adultery or another fault ground basis (i.e. habitual drunkard, impotence, conduct to injure health and reason, etc.).

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