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A Husband’s Risky Investments Entitles Divorcing Wife To A Larger Share Of The Martial Assets

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2013 | Divorce & Family

In the Matter of Martell and Martell, the New Hampshire Supreme Court reviewed the trial court’s award to the wife of more than 50% of the marital assets due to the husband’s risky stock investments. During the marriage, the husband lost over $1 Million in high-risk stock investments, thereby diminishing the value of the marital estate. Upon divorce, the trial court awarded the wife a larger share of the marital assets to account for the money lost by the husband.

On appeal, the New Hampshire Supreme Court determined that the wife need only prove that the husband diminished the marital assets. The Court stated that the wife did not need to establish that the husband intentionally lost the assets in order to deprive her of the funds. In essence, the husband’s actions in this matter were similar to a spouse who gambles at a casino or online gaming. The fact that the husband did not maliciously intend to deprive the wife of the marital assets was irrelevant as the failure to preserve marital assets is a factor the court may consider in dividing the marital estate upon divorce.

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