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School Bus Insurance Covers Child Even After Exiting School Bus

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2013 | Personal Injury

A school bus dropped a child off along the side of a road, which was the child’s predetermined stop. The child exited the bus and the bus pulled away, leaving the child behind. The child was walking along the road towards his driveway when a drunk driver hit the child before the child reached his driveway, severely injuring him. Even though the school bus had been gone from the scene of the accident for several moments, a Superior Court judge recently held that the child was still “occupant” of the school bus as the child had not reached a safe location after exiting the school bus. Therefore, the child was allowed to make a claim under the school bus’ underinsured motorist’s coverage.

Many injury victims look solely to the person who caused their injuries for compensation. By limiting the focus to solely the person who caused the injuries, the injury victim may be left without being fully compensated for his or her injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help a victim to maximize their recovery by exploring all possible avenues for recovery.

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