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Prompt Action is Required in Multiple Victim Accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Personal Injury

Being injured in an automobile accident is a traumatic and sometimes a life-changing event.  While it is understandable that an injury victim should first be concerned about her health, addressing the legal issues involved in an automobile accident are important, especially in situations where there are multiple injury victims in an accident.  If a negligent driver causes injuries to multiple victims, it is important that injury victims take due diligence in inserting their claim for bodily injuries sustained as result of the car accident.  The problem that arises most often in injuries to multiple victims is the availability of sufficient liability insurance to pay the claims for the multiple victims. 

By way of example, a negligent driver causes a multi-car accident, striking several cars and injuring four individuals.  If the negligent driver has $25,000.00 per person or $50,000.00 per accident, his insurance may not be sufficient to cover the injuries of all the injured victims.  Under this circumstance, the negligent driver’s insurance company is only obligated to pay out $50,000.00 in total for all the injuries sustained.  Accordingly, it is critical that the negligent driver’s insurance company be made aware of the claims as soon as possible to ensure the insurance company takes into consideration when paying out the claims.  In addition, the attorneys at Hamblett & Kerrigan will also explore other avenues to compensate the victims, such as looking at the underinsured motorist coverage under the injury victim’s automobile policy as well as whether the negligent driver has assets which may be attached to satisfy any judgments above the available insurance.

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