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Physical Abuse May Be the Basis for Divorce Under New Hampshire Law

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2014 | Divorce & Family

A husband or wife may be entitled to a divorce from the bonds of marriage on the grounds of extreme cruelty. Actual violence committed on a spouse by the other intended to endanger life and limb may constitute extreme cruelty within the parameters of New Hampshire law. In these instances, extreme cruelty consists of a course of conduct rather than a single act. However, acts of violence do not need to be consistent, a fixed habit nor be many in number before they can constitute extreme cruelty under the law. When a spouse’s conduct causes the breakdown of the marriage, such as in the instance of extreme cruelty, and also causes the other spouse to suffer significant emotional and/or physical harm, the victim spouse may be entitled to an unequal division of assets.

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