1Feb, 21

The Capitol riot at the beginning of this month prompted social media to terminate the accounts of President Trump, most notably his Twitter account.  In response, several critics, including the President, stated that this was a unprecedented assault on free speech.  The First Amendment puts restrictions on the government’s ability to regulate free speech, but not that ... more

28Dec, 20

When employees resign or are fired from employment, that is often the time that they may challenge their prior compensation or benefits, whether out of spite, greed or often because there is ambiguity. It is important to put employment terms in writing. Under New Hampshire Wage and Hour laws, all employment compensation and benefits must be in writing and provided to the employee.  ... more

18Nov, 20

New Hampshire follows the employee-at-will doctrine which means that an employee can be fired with or without cause and with or without notice unless the employer fires the employee due to his or her protected class or for doing a certain protected activity under statute.  For example, under state and federal law, employees cannot be fired because of their race, gender, or ... more