9Jan, 19

Under New Hampshire law, most employees are employees at will and means that they can quit or be fired with or without notice or cause.  Even if the employee has an employment agreement which sets forth their compensation and perhaps other obligations related to confidentiality and non-solicitation of employees and customers and the like, the agreement often will reaffirm ... more

12Dec, 18

As we enter the holiday season, the song Auld Land Syne will be thought of and perhaps sung by many on New Year’s Eve. The crux of the song is about taking time to remember and appreciate the good people that became part of your life. Being one of those that make a positive difference in your co-worker’s life rather than one that causes strife in the workplace ... more

14Nov, 18

Employment sexual harassment is illegal under New Hampshire and federal law.  All employee claims of sexual harassment need to be taken seriously and employers would be making a huge mistake to make a broad application of principles related to sexual harassment.  For example, employment sexual harassment can occur when the accused and the accuser are of the same sex or the ... more