17Aug, 20

The wave of law suits against employers claiming the employee contracted the COVID-19 virus at work have begun in several states including claims against Walmart, Tyson, certain nursing homes, and other businesses.  Some lawsuits are claiming that the employers were grossly negligent resulting in the employees getting very sick or dying of COVID-19. The New Hampshire Workers’ ... more

13Jul, 20

On July 10, 2020, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, in the case of In re: Kamil, issued an order that could have far-reaching implications in contested custody hearings.  In Kamil the wife was allowed supervised contact with her children.  However, she would need to demonstrate to the satisfaction of a mental health professional that she first acquired the skills ... more

9Jul, 20

Under certain circumstances, contracts that create an agency relationship such as a real estate broker agreement may end at the death of the property owner. The Massachusetts Appeals Court in the case of Newton Centre Realty, Inc. v. David R. Jaffe, Personal Representative, in June 2020, decided that a real estate broker, who had an exclusive listing agreement to real ... more