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21Mar, 16

In New Hampshire, one basis to modify a permanent parenting plan is to show there is an “agreement of the parties” to make the modification. A 2007 decision from the New Hampshire Supreme Court called LaRue stated such an agreement does not have to be in writing. Instead, it can be oral or even inferred ... more

18Mar, 16

Hamblett & Kerrigan has the resources and experience to provide you with high-quality legal representation in even the most complex family law matters. Our Family Law team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff provides professional representation in a caring, supportive environment. We handle divorces, nontraditional families issues, post-divorce modifications, complex parental rights issues (custody and ... more

16Mar, 16

A boss may have to pay for her employees’ mistakes. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior and as well as under principal and agency law, an employer may be held liable for the negligent or intentional actions of her employees if the actions are committed by the employee within the scope of his employment. ... more

14Mar, 16

Intimate relations between a supervisor and her subordinate can cause a host of problems for the employer. For one, workers who also report to that supervisor may believe their co-worker, who is having intimate relations with the supervisor, is getting preferential treatment whether it be access to overtime, preferable tasks or other benefits delegated at ... more