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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer a full range of available ADR services in the context of mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluation.

Hamblett & Kerrigan has attorneys seasoned in the ADR process whether you are looking for a party advocate or a neutral. We offer a full range of available ADR services in the context of mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluation. Our attorneys have served as ADR neutrals on both one person and three person panels; we are also actively involved in ADR as advocates and counselors representing parties in dispute. Despite historic resistance to ADR by both lawyers and their clients, the attorneys of Hamblett & Kerrigan were early supporters of ADR because we understood that, in the proper context, it can offer our clients a faster, less costly and more effective resolution than the trial process. ADR processes have greater flexibility and informality than litigation, thus if properly understood it can be an appropriate choice to assist in relatively low cost conflict resolution,

These alternative instruments of dispute resolution have been developing for decades and are now more utilized in many areas of law, including personal injury claims, business, commercial and construction disputes, employment disputes, as well as domestic relations and marital disputes. The integration of the ADR process into the New Hampshire court system began in approximately 1990 with the implementation of New Hampshire’s Superior Court Rule 170. ADR has continued to evolve and has now taken on a status of a free standing vehicle for dispute resolution, as well as continuing to be an appendage to instituted litigation.

At Hamblett & Kerrigan our ADR strategies and practices support our focus on achieving results that further our clients’ business or personal goals. We are able to reduce the expense and delay associated with resolving disputes by litigation, enabling you to avoid the distractions which prevent you from focusing on your business or personal plans. Our ADR Practice Group includes trained, experienced and respected lawyers with diverse and sophisticated experience in litigation as well as substantive legal knowledge in personal injury, business, commercial, construction, insurance, employment, marital law and toxic torts. Whether as counselor advocates or as neutrals, the lawyers at Hamblett & Kerrigan can assist you with your desire to resolve disputes through the ADR process.

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