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Annual Reports

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2011 | Business Transactions

It is that time of year again, the time to file your company’s annual report with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office. The deadline of April 1st seems a ways off, but it can sneak up of you. The filing of an annual report is required of all corporations and limited liability companies whether you company is domestic company or foreign company properly certified to do business in the state.

The Secretary of State’s web site allows you the option of completing the form on-line with a credit card payment, or printing the form and mailing it in with a check.

At the same time you are going through the exercise of filing of the Annual Report, the process offers you the chance to make sure all company documents are current and complete. For instance, it makes sense for corporations to have an annual meeting at the same time as the completion of the form. This can accomplished by an actual meeting or by the written consent of the shareholders and directors.

You may wish to review your company’s bylaws or in the case of a limited liability company, your operating agreement, to make sure that both documents still meet the company’s current requirements and accurately represent the state of the company.

It may also be a good time to evaluate ownership issues, shareholder agreements or any estate planning issues that need to be addressed.

As your company changes and grows over time, the documents drafted at the time of formation may no longer be adequate. Just like you house and your car, annual maintenance makes sense.

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