24Apr, 19

We all have people in our lives who go through money like it is nothing; often, the money is not used for their benefit and is wasted, or if they have a drug problem, more money can cause them direct harm. If that person is your child or even your grandchild, you might want to try and maintain a little control over how they spend their inheritance. Through the use of a Trust, ... more

11Apr, 19

If an individual who owes you money and passes away the fact that there is no probate estate opened could be because he held his assets in a revocable trust which is a standard estate-planning tool to avoid probate, but does not impede creditors.  A revocable trust is revocable throughout his life time and became irrevocable upon his death and his assets should be considered ... more

8Apr, 19

Insurance companies generally provide lower premiums for an owner occupied house than a vacant house or a rented house. When it is owner occupied the insurance company envisions more care, whether it be checking on the boiler, preventing a fire, or clearing off the front steps to avoid a visitor's slip and fall.  Insurance companies require in applications that the insurer ... more

5Apr, 19

New Hampshire only has one appellate court, the New Hampshire Supreme Court.  The New Hampshire Supreme Court ("Supreme Court") hears appeals from all the state's lower court (Superior and District, Probate, and Family Divisions. If also hears appeals from administrative agencies such as:  Department of Labor and the Board of Tax and Land Appeals).  Absent certain exceptions, ... more