16Sep, 21

At times employees are confronted with bullying and boorish behavior of their bosses or co-workers.  Such a work environment is bad for employee morale and, in turn, may decrease employee productivity and cause employee turnover as well as potential legal claims.  Management should stop such bullying or boorish behavior. However, employees should understand that defamation ... more

13Sep, 21

Many workers provide their services as independent contractors and not as employees thereby obtaining an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year instead of an IRS Form W-2 for their taxes.  However, there are rules aimed at making sure that companies do not take advantage of workers by misclassifying them as independent contractors and thereby losing certain benefits and protections ... more

9Aug, 21

Most states, including New Hampshire, do not require an estate plan to provide a family inheritance so you can leave your assets to family members, another person important to you, charities or to others. This reality however can be particularly distressing to family members when the widow or widower enters into a relationship much younger than them and leaves the estate to ... more