12Jun, 19

A corporation's failure to pay employee's wages could result in the corporate officer or its representative that makes decision personally liable even if a corporation can show that it is suffering from serious cash flow problems. New Hampshire's Wage Statute makes a corporate officer or agent of the corporation that knowingly permits the corporation to fail to pay wages ... more

23May, 19

On August 1, 2017, the Supreme Court answered a unique question concerning the effect of an appeal on property divisions.  In the case of Breagy and Breagy, the trial court issued a Final Decree of Divorce in August 2014.  The wife appealed the Decree of Divorce to the New Hampshire Supreme Court who, in July 2015, affirmed the Decree.  Between August 2014 and July ... more

24Apr, 19

We all have people in our lives who go through money like it is nothing; often, the money is not used for their benefit and is wasted, or if they have a drug problem, more money can cause them direct harm. If that person is your child or even your grandchild, you might want to try and maintain a little control over how they spend their inheritance. Through the use of a Trust, ... more

11Apr, 19

If an individual who owes you money and passes away the fact that there is no probate estate opened could be because he held his assets in a revocable trust which is a standard estate-planning tool to avoid probate, but does not impede creditors.  A revocable trust is revocable throughout his life time and became irrevocable upon his death and his assets should be considered ... more