24Sep, 18

The amount of income used in the child support calculation is the issue that predominantly impacts cases when or both parents have income from pass-through entities. Businesses with pass-through income are entities which are not taxed itself. Instead, the entity's income is "passed-through" to the shareholders or members of the entity. Subchapter S-Corporations, limited liability ... more

12Sep, 18

State and federal employment discrimination laws require employers to reasonably accommodate employees with disabilities in order to enable them to do their job; however, employee misconduct does not usually afford any reasonable accommodation.  By way of example, if an employee threatens violence against a coworker, employers may generally fire that employee.  The employee ... more

15Aug, 18

There are legal benefits in operating your business through a corporation or a limited liability company (hereinafter “LLC”).  If you have a corporation or an LLC and you enter into contracts in your representative capacity, you are often not personally liable for that obligation.  For example, if you sign your office lease “Jim Jones, Member, ABC Realty, LLC”, your ... more