26Jul, 21

Bull Moose store chain founder, recently apologized for firing 20 employees at its Salem, New Hampshire location and offered them to return to their jobs with back pay.  The dispute resulted when the workers met with the Bull Moose leadership and raised concerns about its plans to relax the rule of wearing masks in the store, and after that meeting the employees learned the ... more

16Jul, 21

In a recent Supreme Court decision, the Court clarified whether automatic "escalation clauses" can be built into a child support order.  Traditionally a child support order is calculated based upon each parties' present income.  If a party, in the future wants to modify that order, they must petition the court for a modification.  The trial court can order parties to exchange ... more

14Jun, 21

New Hampshire law does not require employers to provide paid vacation, yet if there is a policy or history of providing such paid vacation, it can be considered to be wages under the New Hampshire Wage Statute.  The New Hampshire Wage Statute can be enforced through the New Hampshire Department of Labor or through the Superior Court.  The statute provides reimbursement of ... more