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Negligence Attorney

New Hampshire law requires that we exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm to others. It is common sense concept which makes our surroundings safer for everyone. When the failure to use reasonable care causes an injury to someone else, the responsible party is legally obligated to repay the injured party for the harm caused by their carelessness.

Liability insurance is often used to insure against injuries caused by negligence.  However, every insurance company will attempt to minimize the cost of a claim.  Without a well-prepared claim which poses probable financial exposure, the insurer simply will not fully compensate the victim for their injuries and losses. Most negligence cases do not require a trial, but the threat of a verdict in court is what motivates an insurance company to voluntarily resolve of a claim.

The personal injury lawyers at Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A., in Nashua, New Hampshire, can provide you or your loved ones with the legal representation necessary to hold others accountable. There is typically no initial cost for our services in these matters, and nothing is owed unless we recover money for you.

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