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Premises Liability

New Hampshire law obligates owners of property to use reasonable care to ensure that others are not hurt while on their property. Therefore, if an unsafe condition which is allowed to exist causes someone to be injured, the property owner is legally responsible for the harm caused to the injured person. Negligent care of property could be a tripping hazard which could be easily repaired, a dangerous staircase which doesn’t comply with code, a slippery surface where people are known to walk. If the potential for danger can be foreseen, a property owner must use reasonable care to prevent harm to others.

Property insurance is used to insure against injuries caused when property owners allow dangerous conditions to exist.  However, every insurance company will attempt to minimize the cost of a claim.   Without a well-prepared claim which poses financial exposure to the insurance company, they will not fully compensate the victim for their injuries and losses. Most premises liability cases do not require a trial, but the prospect of a verdict in court is what motivates an insurance company to voluntarily resolve of a claim.

The personal injury lawyers at the Nashua law firm of Hamblett & Kerrigan, P.A., have been representing individuals injured by dangerous property conditions for decades. Our injury lawyers usually offer their services in these matters without any initial costs, and are not owed anything unless there is a successful outcome.

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